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In 1913, forty-nine year old Lester G. Loomis sold his Los Angeles home and moved his family to the remote wilderness of the San Gabriel mountains above the city. He had discovered the location of his homestead in 1891, and had been traveling to the area for years, hunting for deer and prospecting for gold that he knew was nearby.

This site tells the story of Captain Loomis and his family's Loomis Ranch homestead. I began researching the life of Captain Loomis in October, 2005, and that research continues today. I have been amazed at the amount of information available about the life of Lester Loomis, testimony to the impact he had on those who knew him and knew of him.

The first edition of this site was posted on November 17, 2005; the first update was on November 24, 2005. This latest edition is a major revision of the entire site, containing much of the information that I have gathered over the past year. See "What's New" for an overview of the latest material.

If you are not familiar with Captain Loomis and his Ranch, you can find a quick introduction in the article "A Visit to Loomis Ranch", by Bob Gregg. A more detailed article can be found in "The Last Homestead", written by Odo Stade in 1938 shortly after the death of Captain Loomis. Additional information is available on the other pages of this site, including many historic documents and photos. Throughout the site you will find portions of text highlighted in green. These are hypertext links to other pages - simply click on them to view the related document.

Many individuals have contributed to the development of the historical information on this web site. I would especially like to thank Bob Gregg, Richard Clark, the Inglewood Park Cemetery, the Sierra Club-Angeles Chapter, and the Sierra Madre Public Library Historical Archives for their help. All provided information and encouragement during this project.

If you would like to submit historical recollections, documents, or photos to this electronic archive, please see the Contributions section.

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