Thomas Family Photos
These pictures are from a photo album belonging to Robert E. and Betty L. Thomas, my parents. All of the photos were taken at the Loomis Ranch during my parents' June, 1945, honeymoon. (See Honeymoon Cottage in the Personal Recollections section.)
Page 2-5.jpg

The ranch log house in June, 1945.

Page 2-2.jpg

The honeymoon cottage across the river.

Page 2-3.jpg

The groom earning his
keep in the corn fields.

Page 3-2(Aunt Hazel and bride).jpg

The bride and Aunt Hazel Thomas.

Page 2-6.jpg

My Mom always did like watermelon.

Page 3-1(The other cottage).jpg

The other cottage.

Page 3-3(The Ranch).jpg

The Ranch again.