The Last Homestead

The following article appeared in Trails Magazine, Spring 1938 edition, pages 8-12. The document you see was scanned from a xerox copy of the original, well worn magazine contained in the collection of the Pasadena Public Library. I am looking for a source for a better copy.

The author of this article, Odo B Stade, was a frequent visitor to Loomis Ranch and spent several months there in 1932. His final visit to the Ranch was October 15, 1952, a few months before Grace Loomis sold the Ranch to the Girl Scouts. I believe, based on the information in this article, that Mr. Stade had access to the journals written by Mr. Loomis. And I speculate (without any evidence at this time) that Mr. Stade may have prodded Mr. Loomis into preserving the history of his life.

For an interesting biography of the fascinating life of Odo B. Stade written by Scott Rubel, see

This article, written prior to Spring, 1938, states that Loomis Ranch was the last homestead granted in the Angeles National Forest. However, on December 21 of that year a land patent was granted to to Constantin Roman Bakaleinakoff for thirty acres in the eastern portion of the Forest near Bouquet Reservoir. That is believed to be the last patent granted in the forest.