The True Loomis Stories
- 1954 -
by Elsie Lenton Corwin
* * * * * *

1. The Story of a Dream [Missing]
2. Gold Mining in the Early Days
3. Fire and romance in the Mountains
4. Thanksgiving
5. The Baby and the Sun Dial
6. A Rattlesnake in the Woods
7. Boys Lost in the Snow
8. The Marauding Mountain Lion
9. Hazel the Huntress
10. Story of the Swinging Bridge
11. The Terrible Flood

All the events in these stories really happened and
the "quotes" used are authentic, just as Grace Loomis and
Orville told them to me.

Mother Loomis supplied quantities of material,
both written and verbal, as well as pictures. Without
her help the stories would never have been recreated
for you to read.

Other source material used was:

Column - Los Angeles Times
The Lee Side of Los Angeles
(about 1935 or 36)

Also - Los Angeles Times
Obituary Story - 1936

Trails Magazine
Spring 1938 - Vol. 5 No.2
Published by:
Mountain League of
Southern California

[Source: The True Loomis Stories by Elsie Lenton Corwin, Wandalee Thompson Collection (2006.38.1)]